Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apple Coconut Cake - TWD

Well isn't that juuuuust typical. I post every day for seven days in a row, and then I drop off the face of the earth for the next three weeks. Jeez. What's up with that? And it's too bad, because I could have told you about the beautiful Thanksgiving I had with my family and the lovely week I had visiting my friends in New York. I could have told you about the 176 cake pops I made for a Juvenille Diabetes Fundraising Event last week. I could have told you that I ran in a 7 mile race last weekend and had the pleasure of running along the water, with the sun shining, staring at palm trees thinking of my friend back in New York all bundled up in hats and scarves and gloves. I could have told you that Evan and I discovered that we live 2 minutes away one of those awesome cook in front of you restaurants (also known as Habachi) and that I think I would be ok with eating there every night for the rest of my life.

I could have told you about all of the cool Holiday cake pops I've been busy making. Wait, actually I think I will tell you about those. Because those cake pops were absolutely gorgeous.

I made Santa hats and snowflakes. I make red velvet cake balls and chocolate peppermint stick pops. They were sooooo cute I just wanted to hug and kiss every single one. But instead of hugging them, I just ate them instead. And that worked out well, but then I packaged up the rest and set them on their way before I turned into a cake pop myself.

OK, well I think we are pretty much all caught up. And here we are, on a Tuesday no less, so it's time for some Tuesdays With Dorie. This week's TWD recipe was for Apple-Coconut Family Cake, chosen by Amber of Cobbler du Monde. I thought this cake was delicious, though it was definitely very, very sweet. I used sweetened coconut, and I think I should have reduced the sugar to compensate. But I didn't. So it was very, very, very sweet. I also didn't get any photos of the sliced cake, because I brought the cake as a gift to The Feldman's, who had me over for dinner. I wish I could say that I was trying to be polite or that I didn't want to be that weird dinner guest that brakes out the camera and starts photographing the food, but truth be told, I have no shame. I don't care if I was in the White House or visiting the Queen of England, I'd rather get a good cake photo and risk violating the rules socially of acceptable behavior...but this time I simply forgot to take my camera along. If I had my camera, you would have been able to see photos of an extremely moist cake, filled with delicious chunks of apples. But this one little photo is all I have to share of this cake. And even though it was a little too sweet, I'm still glad I made it!!!


  1. I like the photo of your cake even though you did not get more. I loved this cake. It is on my list to make again.

  2. The cake looks yummy & those pops are just adorable! I'm trying out some for a Rose Bowl party I'm having on the 1st... hope they look as beautiful as yours! :)

  3. Love the cake pops! I really liked the cake too -- but I actually loved that it was super sweet :) Oh, and I totally take pictures of my desserts even when I bring them to someone's house! No shame.

  4. The cake pops are too cute! You've been very busy baking! I'm glad you enjoyed the cake.

  5. the cake WAS yummy! i know cos i was there and tasted it!
    miss you-

  6. Love your cake pops! I'll have to try the cake sometime.